Father Michal Tomaszek

Fr Michał was born on September 23, 1960, in Łękawica near Żywiec, Poland. As a child, he visited the shrine of Our Lady in Rychwałd, where he met Franciscans. Fr Tomaszek graduated from the Franciscan Minor Seminary in Legnica. In 1980, he entered the novitiate. During his studies at the Major Seminary in Kraków (Cracow) Fr Tomaszek took an ac­tive part in the catechesis of children with disabilities.

Michał Tomaszek was ordained a priest on May 23, 1987 and served as an assistant in the parish church in Pieńsk near Zgorzelec. Father Michał left for Peru as a missionary in July, 1989.

Michał was a man of deep faith; humble, prayerful, with a great devotion to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. Fr Tomaszek was an excellent missionary to children and young people. He reached them especially through music and singing.


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