Fr. Alessandro Dordi

Father Alessandro was born on January 22, 1931, in Gromo San Marino, Italy. After being ordained a priest, in 1954, he was sent to the flooded area of Polesine in northeast Italy, and worked there until 1965. After that, Fr Dordi was a labourer-priest among the Italian immi­grants in Le Locle, Switzerland (1966-1979). From 1980, he served in the parish of Santa, in the Diocese of Chim­bote, Peru. In his pastoral activities, Alessandro Dordi was deeply involved in the lives of farmers, with whom he carried out numerous projects for rural development.

His communion with the local people through shared life and work was considered to be a threat to the revolu­tion by the terrorists. Fr Alessandro was murdered by the ‘Shining Path’ on August 25, 1991, when he returned from celebrating Mass in a remote chapel in the evening.