Some informations about Peru

It is the third country on the continent to the size and the largest country of the Andes.

Geographic location: 0° 10'-18° 20'S, 68° 40'-81° 54' W

The total length of the border on land is 6,940 km

Length of borders with neighboring countries: Bolivia 900 km, Brazil 1560 km, 160 km Chile, Ecuador 1420 km, 2900 km Columbia.

Length of coastline: 2414 km.

Highest point: Huascaran 6768 meters.

Lowest point: Pacific Ocean 0 meters

Religions: Catholic 90%, Protestant 3%, animist religions and other 7%

Official language: Spanish.

Capital: Lima (the capital is the largest city of Peru, about 8.5 million inhabitants)

Total area: 1,285,220 kilometers

Population: 28 million.

Independence from Spain: 28 July 1821

Monetary unit: sol (PEN)

Time zone: UTC -5

National Anthem: "Somos libres, seámoslo siempre"

Web domain: .pe

Code license plate: PE

Calling code: +51


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